28-Day Vortex of Energy Spring-Summer IMMERSION - Online course included package

$1,308 USD

A journey of healing, self-discovery, and connectedness

This course is available to the Participants to the VORTEX OF ENERGY IMMERSION exclusively!!

One Immersion ~ Mindfulness for a Lifetime!

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Connectedness

A Moon Cycle (28-day) of daily meditations to clarify, nurture and manifest the intention you wish to attract into your life.

Learn natural principles of healing, sacred geometry, five elements for wellbeing. Practice daily to master and integrate the VoE meditation into your routine.

This Immersion is also the Step I in the Facilitator Training.

Alignment of your frequency with Intention. Balancing the quantum field energy with mindfulness in a direct experience.

This active meditation is based on Qigong, medicine wheel, shamanism, five elements and sacred geometry for healing, balance and revitalization.


With a regular practice some people have healed chronic ailments (UTI, PTSD, Back pain, Headache, ..).
This alignment has brought many synchronicities along the path of the practitioners
Strengthen vitality, magnetic field, self-confidence
Release stress
Clarity of mind
Balance the biorythm leading to healthier sleep patterns
Learn to journal in a dharmic way
Receive clear tools to manifest your vision
Align your frequency with your intention to experience the law of attraction
Learn to create a clear vision board (mapping) to manifest your inspirations with abundance in a natural and simple way
It is a harmonious experience to reconnect with your true essence, releasing stress, awakening inner gifts and manifesting your intention.

What’s included:

A month-long journey with four Private Guidance and Teachings to support a clear integration with the mapping methodology (online or in person) with founder Christelle Chopard ~Amarun
Personalized attention and support along the 28-Day with C.Chopard or with DHARMI® Method Facilitator Giuliano Geronymo.
Access to online courses
– Five elements for wellbeing and happiness
– GPS for your life with the foundation of the Maps and alignments in the three dimensions
(1) Signed copy of the Book “Mindful Resonance”
“5 Elements” Essential Oils travel kit (earth, water, fire, air, ether)
(1) Journal to write down insights daily
(1) 30-Day supply of “The Ultimate Elixir” to support your wellbeing physically (cleanse and strengthen your metabolism)
Postcard for visualization
Access to videos online to support the integration of each forms of meditation
Access to recorded meditation online
Affirmation cards to write your intentions along the journey
Tribe membership for 1-year
Shipping costs for the books, essential oils, ultimate elixir, .. is not included

The VoE Meditation supports the alignment of the chakras, the clearing of toxines and vitalization of your magnetic field; the balance and activation of your qi, prana, life force.

May your Journey be aligned with your intention and inspirations.

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  • 7 Modules
Evaluation and Exam for Attestation of Completion